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Fr Roten Blog #25: Hungary

Princely Canopy Terez Patona

Although only a simple structure resting on four posts over a gabled roof, the house where the baby dwells has nothing of the windswept shelter of fortune frequently encountered in rural areas. The steeply built roof with its proud gable gives the set the appearance of old reliquaries. Even better, it resembles a princely canopy worthy of the noble company gathered in its shelter. Indeed, Mary sits in queenly posture, the baby on her lap. They are surrounded by four figures standing in rigid deference. One of them is Joseph, the others are the magi holding gifts. This very attractive ceramic set in brown and gold tones is a jewel-case with a lid that never comes off because it represents the canopy of heaven itself.

Reprinted with permission - University of Dayton - Marian Library Collection. All rights reserved.

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