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Fr Roten Blog #14: Sicily

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

A Lava Nativity (2 of 2) Giusy Toscano

Toscano lives in Rome but is Sicilian of origin. The village of her family lies at the foot of Mount Aetna. Lava, the typical rock of the region is part of Giusy’s geographical heritage. The house of her parents is built on ancient rocks of lava. Thus, lava reminds Giusy of home. On her visits to her native Sicily she would take pieces of lava back to Rome and incorporate them into her artwork. The little village in the lower set is a tribute to home and family in the upper set, It juxtaposes a representation of Mother and Child, they, too, placed on top of a small rock of lava. Together, Our Lady and the Christ Child represent a different kind of home: the joy and security in the one who calls himself the Prince of Peace.

Reprinted withe permission: University of Dayton, Marian Library Collection. All Rights reserved.

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