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Fr. Roten Blog #11:Thailand

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Thosaganth and Rama (Bangkok Dolls) Khunying Tongkorn Chandavimol

In the classical dance drama of Thailand, Thosagantyh, the demon king, is defeated by Rama, the young hero. These figures in their scintillating armor are symbols of old and new, good and evil, of culture of death and culture of life. In sum, they picture human drama in the midst of which a promise of lasting peace is born. And so they all rally around new hope: the Chinese Mandarin, the prince of India, and the Thai nobleman, musician and fruit vendor; Meo man and Meo woman representing the hill tribes; the Karen man carrying firewood and the farmer woman a fruit basket. It is up to prince and princess to lead the whole group in a new dance, one of joy and peaceful victory.

Reprinted with Permission: University of Dayton: Marian Library Collection. All rights reserved.

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