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Fr Roten Blog #10: Austria

Jesus in a Box

Hermine Arbeitshuber 

Hermine Arbeitshuber built this crèche for The Marian Library Collection. It represents a specific Austrian crèche type called Gasteiner Kastenkrippe. The nativity is set in a medium-sized wooden box covered with glass. A rich scenery is deployed before the eyes of the beholder, frequently adding local elements or events of the artist's life to the Christmas scene. The artist of this nativity box created a backdrop reminiscent of the city where she lives, the Austrian city of Linz. We see the skyline of the city, gates and churches, in particular the famous Marian sanctuary of Poestlingberg . The pilgrim's path leading to the sanctuary is marked with the Stations of the Cross which the artist prayed many times, most recently during a period of serious illness. To the left of the stable you will find a big house with a red roof. This is the silhouette of a minor seminary where the artist spent many years of hard work.

Reprinted withe permission - University of Dayton: Marian Library Collection. All rights reserved.

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