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Create an easy folder backdrop

Do you have a nativity that would look so much better with a simple setting? Here’s a quick and easy idea that anyone can do. Take an ordinary manila file folder, and measure how wide and tall you would like this little backdrop to be.

Using the fold already in the folder as your top edge, create another fold for a front flat piece that the nativity will sit on. Once you know the width the folder needs to be trim it.

Cut a piece of fabric that has a great contrast and enhances your nativity.

Place the fabric over the tri folded folder/“stand”.

Use pins, tape, or staples to secure the edges of the fabric and stabilize it. Tape underneath edges to prevent fraying.

Ladies look through your scarves and embroidered hankies for some beautiful potential fabrics that you already have. Or go to a fabric store and look at the remnants section for some great options.

Check back next week for another setting idea......

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