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Brochure for D.C. Convention

We are heading towards opening our registration page (a few last minute edits), but we literally CAN NOT wait. The brochure is ready and it looks lovely.

This will give you a quick overview and our agreed price for registration of the low-low-low price of $395!! for the event (not including airfare, hotel, or arrival/departure transportation - but does include the event transportation and much more) But wait, there's more...(sorry, we got carried away).

Just download the brochure and share it with friends! We hope to fill up fast! We can't wait to see you this December in DC!

Download DOCX • 18.44MB

The registration page will include all the details you need to know for registration. We hope to have it up and ready in a few short days. Check our blog and FaceBook pages for that release....(I think we all just got goosebumps!)

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