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Angels From the Realms of Glory

Margo Dixon shares her love of angles.

'Tis the season when the Angel Tree at the Met in NYC is usually set up. Seeing it being placed in the lobby on the weekend following Thanksgiving is what started me on the road to collecting Nativity sets. Angels signify peace, hope, joy and love.

Angels From the Realms of Glory..." bring peace, hope, joy and love even in the bubble of a pandemic! (See our Facebook page)

One angel quietly strumming on a lute brings a serene sound to the dark midwinter.

One particular Angel came to visit a certain young woman to tell her of "Glad Tidings." Do you know the story? Do you have any questions?

How many angels do you see? Are they different?

This angel is clad only in wings. Holiness is signified by the halo, the aura, or the iconic circle of gold around the head.

The Angel Tree in NYC has so many wonderful well dressed Angels that it took my breath away. Next time the Met is open, between Thanksgiving and Epiphany, please go and see for yourself!

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