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A Piece of Art

Find a piece of art for an attractive background. It could be a postcard, a Christmas card, or your Grandchild's artwork. This bright orange art was made by my 2 year old grandson. It's his little fingerprints made into flowers, with the help of an adult, of course!

I glued the orange paper on a manila folder, cut the size down, trimmed the corners then glued a piece of wood on the lower back to support the picture.

The white base piece was wood from an old cabinet that I cut down with a band saw. It plays off the white fingerprints while the orange background compliments the design on the teepee and clothing.

This 4" teepee nativity has special meaning because my husband's uncle was one of the priests who worked at St. Joseph's Indian mission for over 40 years.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Another way to hold up a piece of paper art or a card to serve as a background can be made from a cereal box or manila file folder.

This one is 4.5" across the bottom and 5" tall. The size can be adjusted for the best support in height and minimal cardboard showing on bottom.

Fold the cardboard and cut through both sides together so they are even. Make a slit that the card will insert into.

Now that 3D cards are becoming popular, make a stand for them too. Here is a 3D card displayed using a similar cardboard stand. A little bit of adjusting your stand will make the card stay open.

Happy displaying!!!

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