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A Nativity in Every Home

By Rose Fremer

What better way is there to share our love of nativities than to give a few away to children at Christmas?

Over the years, many of us have given sets away in our churches and communities through an angel tree or Christmas basket.  We look for inexpensive children's sets with all the people and animals of the Christmas story.  Or give a set from our own collection that we're willing to part with.  

Children learn through their hands.   By setting the scene for Christ's birth, they learn and remember the reason that Christmas is meaningful, momentous and miraculous. 

Over the years, many of us FOTC members have shared methods for giving away nativities to children.

Our webmaster, Neil Allen, has suggested we would enjoy sharing these ideas on a blog.

Please let us know how you extend the tradition of the creche to families without a creche in their home.    

May all of our efforts bring a increase of faith in each home.

As the FOTC soon gathers in Santa Fe, let's remember the story of Alexander Girard.

As a  child he received a 19th-century Italian Nativity scene from his grandfather.  He was captivated by this gift and began to collect nativities.  In later life, his collection became the foundation of the Girard Wing of the Santa Fe Museum of International Folk Art.    Perhaps the modest wood or cloth sets we give to children will also have a lasting blessing on their lives.

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