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A Cute Little Set with a Big Story

In the hillsides of San Pablo, Ecuador sits a beautiful United Methodist Church with an equally beautiful ministry. Pastor Carmita, works tirelessly for her community, but also for a mission called "Fedice" which helps Indigenous Ecuadoran women (mostly Farmers) with micro loans to buy livestock, receive training, and pay forward these micro loans to other Indigenous people.

Pastor Carmita is President of the Non-Profit Fedice Ecuador Board and I work with the Fedice USA board - which is how our paths crossed.

We visited the projects we support in June 2023, and also began looking for nativities (nacementos) - BTW, Ecuador has some very remarkable nativity creators, but they also make cute sets to sell in their markets to locals and tourists alike.

When Pastor Carmita found out I collect nativities she said, "Oh, I want to get you one!" The next day, this set was placed in my hands with a big hug. She explained "You are like the wisemen that travel from the safety and security of your home to visit our children."

I love this 5" set with its tiny woven characters and "bird cage" manger. With an opened front - the "dove" which landed on Jesus at his baptism can come and go. His spirit is also not contained to an earthly tomb.

If you were wondering how I got this little set home in my over-packed suitcase, you have correctly identified the concern I held in my heart until I unpacked. The stress of the journey did not alter the state of the sleeping child. He is ready to greet the guests at our next display.

I hope you loved the story. It was fun to write.

I'm guessing your have great stories about your nativities too! Would you consider writing something? Send us your pictures and write a short story...even a few sentences. We are always seeking new voices for our blog page

email us at

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