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There are Other Collectors?

Friends of the Creche and Creche Herald

Friends of the Creche Board

Surfing on the internet in 1997, I discovered The Creche Herald. I immediately subscribed. That, of course, led to joining the Friends of the Creche in 2001. What fun to find others with the same interest! The Creche Herald and the FOTC conventions expanded my knowledge about creche traditions as well as providing the opportunity to expand the collection. 

Because of a convention speaker, I learned the importance of documenting my collection. The answers to who made it, where was it made, when was it made, what materials were used are valuable information for the future as well as for insurance purposes. And don’t forget to include stories attached to each set. Your grandchildren will love them. (Your children have heard them too often.)

I learned the importance of document my collection.

Sharing is REALLY Fun!

People who shared their display ideas made it possible for me to quit lugging all the books down to the basement to make room for nativities. I use the books under a tablecloth to create higher plateaus for more places to put sets.

Do I want to know where to find nativities? I’ve got past issues of  The Creche Herald with articles about shopping in various places. Have I been invited to give a talk on the history of the creche tradition? I’ve got information in convention notes to use. Do I want to see others’ collections? Conventions have included museum and private collection tours.

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