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May the Fourth Be Nativity

May 4, 2024 marked a new direction for our historic Friends of the Creche. (Set featured about is from the Garding Collection - (Philippeans).

The gathering is to be the first in a series of online gatherings we are calling "Nativities with Friends."

The set featured above is Southwestern -Jimmez from the Jack and Holly Zenger collection - where the board met last year and created the dream.

Neil Allen (that's me) hosted the meeting. The Japanese set featured above is from our collection - gifted to me by the members of a Sunday School class. I love the Kokeshe tradition - so colorful and packed with history and tradition.

Michael Whalen - Past FoTC President and Editor of the Creche Herald showed us a small glimpse of his unique collection. Here's another of his sets beautifully displayed in his Michigan home. Yes, you guessed correctly - it's Delft from Holland.

John Marin from Texas shared with us some of his INCREDIBLE sets. John will be featured at our Annual Meeting in November (see below for details). John is going to cover display tips. Just look over his shoulder for a sneak peek.

Lori Amos - fresh off her latest event with Friends of the Creche in D.C. shared one of her many talents surrounding the art of the Nativity. The set featured above is from her collection we saw at the National Cathedral.

Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed Past President of Friends of the Creche - picture here with me (Neil Allen) doing her presidential duties - checking out the plans we had for the Portland Convention (it was canceled by COVID-19) presented her plan for our next Annual Meeting in LA. The troll in the background expresses the events she has planned for us.... Here, click the link and check it out for yourself.

Phil Garding also showed us a video we made a year ago when we were thinking about this event. Here is is...oops...You have to sign up with a paid membership to Friends of the Creche and we'll give you access to that video and much more.

Here -click and join Friends of the Creche today.

September 7, 2024 will be our next Nativities with Friends online event. Save that date

Here's what people said about our first one:

"Great presentations! Thanks to all of those who prepared pictures, and shared their collections with us!"

"Thanks to Phil and Neil for putting this together! Enjoyed everyone’s nativities today! Thanks for sharing!"


"Great presentations and information about the different nativities. Enjoyed it very much. Look forward to the next one."


"It was a wonderful presentation. I look forward to the next one!"


"Great gathering. Was great to see nativities that are different than the ones I have. Was interesting to hear the stories. Looking forward to our next gathering."


"So much fun seeing photos from other’s collections. Thanks!"

"Wonderful program and since I can no longer travel it fulfilled my longing to see different sets and be with other collectors."


"Thanks for the preparation. The collections were wonderful. I enjoy seeing other members nativities. You guys went the extra mile!!!"

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