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Argentina, Czech Republic & Peru Nativities

Take a virtual trip to Midway, Utah to see three favorite nativity sets from the collection of Diane & Phil Garding on display at Zenger & Friends show.

The first nativity is the work of artist Mario Rene Mendoza. It is modeled after Mapuches group of Central and Southern Chile and Southern Argentina. This set is a favorite because of the exquisite painting of the cloth and faces.

The second nativity is a set of pottery bells from the Czech Republic. We found this set while walking in Prague down a small street some blocks away from Old Town Square. We saw a few bells on display in the window that mostly sold plates cups, and teapots. We had to go to the basement to find the complete set. This set is unique in our collection. We have never seen Mary with a baby bottle or Joseph with a teddy bear.

The third nativity is the work of Peruvian ceramicist Richard Chavez Quispe. Quispe's is an expert at cloth shapes and painted patterns. This piece is unusual in that all three members of the Godhead are in the nativity scene. Baby Jesus is in the manger, the Holy Ghost is represented as a dove, and Heavenly Father is with the angels who are watching the peaceful activities in the stable

in Bethlehem.

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